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Our vision, your store


We have built our dream shopping experience at the corner of 310 Huron Ave & Grand River Ave in beautiful downtown Port Huron. We want to share with youthe story of how we got to this point!

Before and after


We want to share with you all the progress from the very start of the renovation to where we are now.


We are reusing as much of the original materials from the building as possible.

Construction Progress

The Finishing Touches

Hello Country Style shoppers! We are getting ever closer to the opening of our new downtown Port Huron location, and we wanted to let you know where we stand as of this moment. -The flooring has been fully installed on the main floor -The electrical connections for...

Downtown Store Opening Date

Dear Friends, Because of the pandemic, and supply chain logistics issues it created, we at Country Style Market have decided to not open the downtown store as planned on October 29th. The key drivers for this decision are several in nature, such as no elevator parts...

The Summer of Renovation

Our renovation is moving along quite quickly as we are reaching the final quarter of the project. We are almost there and still working hard to bring our vision to downtown Port Huron. -The exterior makeover of the 310 Building is nearing completion. With the recent...

Over The Half-way Point

As part of our exterior improvements to the historic 310 building most people have noticed that we have had our exterior walls completed on Huron Avenue. There were approximately 10,000 bricks used to build up these exterior and interior walls. The amazing thing about...

A Big Thank You to Sanctum Construction

We at Country Style Marketplace would like to take a moment to recognize Sanctum Construction’s crews and its principal owner, Steven Witt, for their tremendous effort in the renovation of this building. In just six months they have removed 1.7 million pounds of...

Demolition Nearing Completion

As previously mentioned on these pages initial Demolition work on the 310 Huron Ave building began in earnest on October 19, 2020. Since that time much has taken place towards the renovation process. Listed below are some fun factoids, and lots of pictures, plus a...

Demolition Starts

Over the course of the next few months interior demolition of all 3 floors of this historical building will begin on October 19th ,2019 and most likely run until late February of 2021. The demolition will be done in a way that preserves as much of the historical...

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