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As part of our exterior improvements to the historic 310 building most people have noticed that we have had our exterior walls completed on Huron Avenue. There were approximately 10,000 bricks used to build up these exterior and interior walls. The amazing thing about all of this work was the fact that these bricks were once part of the old chimney smoke stacks (2) that were on the back side of the buildings. 

– The marquee sign framing, behind the new siding above the windows, was just recently completed. This marquee will soon be painted in our signature Country Style colors. We anticipate completion by the end of June.

– The upper course of the building exterior will also be undergoing transformation soon in the form of new colors which will match the existing Lime Stone siding at the North end of the building.

– Interior work continues with the nuts and bolts work of a complete remodel. The new electrical lines and equipment is being installed, along with the Plumbing, HVAC and Low Voltage wiring being installed too.

– Finish work is underway in the upper office area for the above mentioned crafts, along with the new flooring being installed room by room. More pictures to follow as we prepare to install sheet rock.

– Sheet rock install is slated to begin around the 3rd week in June, and will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.

– We are currently estimating the work done to date to be roughly at the 55% point of completion. No forecast yet on when we might be ready to open due to the following reasons. Materials of construction are getting harder to come by now, delivery of items ordered have been delayed several times, and there is really no sense in predicting when we will be ready until such time we feel it is imminent.