Dear Friends,

Because of the pandemic, and supply chain logistics issues it created, we at Country Style Market have decided to not open the downtown store as planned on October 29th. The key drivers for this decision are several in nature, such as no elevator parts or pieces coming on site until December, no glass doors for our Dairy cooler until late November, nor cooler doors for our Beer Cave walk in cooler, and other equipment delivery delays that were not anticipated.

Keep in mind that we continue to pursue construction completion by late October as previously planned, and our commitment to opening this downtown grocery store operation is unwavering; however, we cannot control the delivery dates of key equipment, nor is it possible to open up the store without this equipment, so our best strategy at this point is to focus on the last key areas we do have control over and just get things ready for the January 2022 opening day.



Steve & Michele Fernandez/ Owners

PH Country Style Marketplace, LLC