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The Country Style Difference


  • We only order USDA graded meats

Let’s start with the quality. The USDA has three grades of meat: Prime, Choice and Select. Some stores sell non-graded meats in their meat counters. Non-graded meats are those that did not qualify for the USDA Prime, Choice or Select grade standards.

  • We hand carve our meats daily

To ensure the freshest meats possible, we are continually making cuts throughout the day to keep our counters stocked. Don’t all stores do that? Some do, but more large chains cut their meat off site and use gasses such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen to keep their meats looking red for longer. Meat naturally browns as it is exposed to oxygen and has no negative effects on the taste of the meat.

  • We receive two deliveries of fresh meat every week

Our meat does not sit in our coolers and freezers for months at a time giving you a fresh cut every time. Would it be cheaper for us to order in bulk? Sure, but we are not willing to sacrifice our quality standards to do so.

We are committed to these quality standards and promise to never waver from them. We want to provide safe, healthy, and delicious food for you and your family.

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