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Beer & Wine

Our growing wine, beer, & mead selection makes it easy to complement any meal and price range.

We have one of the largest selections of Michigan vinted wines & brews in the area.
Among the brands we sell are:

Arbor Brewing Co.

Atwater Brewery

B. Nektar

Black Star Farms Wines

Blackrocks Brewery

Blake’s Hard Cider

Blake’s Wines

Bell’s Brewing Inc.

Bowers Harbor Wines

Cascade Winery Wines

Chateau Chantal Wines

Chateau Grand Traverse Wines

Dark Horse Brewing

Dogfish Head

Founder’s Brewery

Grand Armory Brewing Company

Grand Traverse Wines

Green Bush Brewing

Griffin Claw Brewery

Laurentide Wines

Leelanau Cellars Wines

Mackinaw Trail Wines

Marland Wines

New Holland Brewing Company

Oddside Brewery

Old Nation Brewing Company

Penninsula Cellars Wines

Revolution Brewing Co.

Roak Brewing Co.

Round Barn Winery


Short’s Brewery

St. Julian Wines

Traverse Bay Wines


When most people think of fermented alcoholic drinks, what usually comes to mind is wine and beer. The drink that dates even further back into history is mead! Instead of using grains, hops, or grapes, the fermentation process revolves around honey. Most people believe that mead is super sweet or thick tasting, however, that is not always the case. Just as wine and beer have many different textures and flavors, so does mead. Stop in today and pick up a bottle! View the graphic for more information on mead.



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