Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials

at Country Style Marketplace

Specials for the Week of January 15th– January 21st, 2018


Navel Oranges: $1.49lb  Save $.50lb
Golden Ripe Pineapple: 2/$6.00  Save $2.00/2
Sno-White Cauliflower: 2/$5.00   Save $4.00/2
3-Pack Romaine Hearts: 2/$5.00  Save $1.00/2

DELI  ~ 

Boar’s Head London Broil:  $10.99lb    Save  $3.00lb
Boar’s Head Blackened Turkey: $8.99lb  Save $2.00lb
Boar’s Head Classic Chicken: $7.99lb  Save $2.00lb
Boar’s Head American Cheese: $5.99lb  Save $2.00lb
Spinach Pasta Salad: $5.99lb  Save $1.00lb
Mustard Potato Salad:  $3.99lb    Save $1.00lb


U.S.D.A. Choice Boneless Sirloin Tip Rib (sold as roast only): $4.99lb   Save $1.00lb
U.S.D.A. Choice Boneless Delmonico Steak (sold as steak only): $9.99lb  Save $1.00lb
Lean & Tender Bone-In Pork Chops (loin, rib, thick, thin): $2.99lb  Save $2.00lb
Lean & Tender Pork Tenderloin: $3.99lb  Save $2.00lb
Grade “A” Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (5lb or more): $1.99lb Save $2.00lb
Gourmet Entrée “5” New Gourmet Stuffed Chicken Breast: $5.99lb
                             ~ Pesto & Feta ~ Fajita ~ Hawaiian ~
          ~ Asparagus, Provolone & Sundried Tomato ~ Mozzarella & Spinach~

  Winter Warm-Up Bundles Available  Only $99.99


Mandia Stone Baked Pizzas (4 varieties, 14 oz.):  $6.49  Save $1.00
Andiamo Pasta Sauces (5 varieties, 24 oz.):  $7.99 Save $1.00
Annie Chun’s Soup/Noodle Bowls (3 varieties, 6-8 oz.):  $3.99   Save $1.00
St. Pierre Brioche Breads (6 varieties): $2.99~$4.99  Save $1.00ea


Twisted Wines (6 varieties, California, 750ml): $9.99  Save $1.00
La Catrina Wines (5 varietals, California, 750ml): $12.99 Save $5.00
Stellar Winery ~Live a Little~ Organic Wine(5 varietals, South Africa, 750ml): $9.99 Save $1.00
Seven Moons Red Blend (California, 750ml): $12.99  Save $3.00