Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials

at Country Style Marketplace

2 Week Sale!

Specials for the Weeks of May 21st – June 3rd, 2018

Happy Memorial Day!!!


  • Whole Watermelon: $5.99ea Save $1.00ea
  • Fresh Strawberries: 2/$6.00 Save $1.00/2
  • Sweet Corn: 2/$1.00
  • Picnic Perfect Garden & Boar’s Head Chef salads ~ Made Fresh Daily

DELI  ~   Try Our NEW Premium Country Style Marketplace Deli Meats & Cheeses

*All Natural~Gluten Free~No Antibiotics, Nitrites, Nitrates, MSG, Fillers & Artificial Ingredients*

  • Country Style Italian Herb Ham: $10.99lb    Save  $2.00lb
  • Country Style Shallot Turkey: $10.99lb Save $2.00lb
  • Country Style Salt & Pepper Roast Beef: $13.99lb Save $3.00lb
  • Country Style Rosemary Gouda: $6.99lb Save $1.00lb
  • Cucumber Tomato Summer Salad: $5.99lb Save $1.00lb
  • Sweet Potato Salad: $3.99lb Save $1.00lb

Try Our New  Creamy Italian Garden Pasta: $7.99lb

MEAT SHOPPE  ~ NEW Summer Grilling Bundle Available Only $99

  • S.D.A. Choice Delmonico Steak (sold as steak only): $10.99lb Save $1.00lb
  • S.D.A. Choice Boneless Prime Rib Roast (sold as roast only): $10.99lb Save $1.00lb
  • Ground Beed Slider Patties (In freezer section): $4.99lb
  • Lean & Tender Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chops (loin,rib,thick,thin): $2.99lb Save $1.00lb
  • Lean & Tender Baby Back Ribs (sold whole only): $3.99lb Save $1.00lb
  • Port Huron’s Own Smith Bacon: $5.49lb Save $.50lb
  • Gourmet Entrée Marinated Sirloin or Chicken Kabobs: Save $.50lb
  • Grade “A” Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (5lb or more): $1.99lb Save $2.00lb
  • Seafood Atlantic Salmon Steak (freshly frozen): $10.99lb Save $1.00lb


  • Stubbs BBQ Sauces (5 varieties, 18 oz.): $3.99 Save $1.00
  • Sechler’s Pickles (8 varieties, 16-24 oz.): Save $.50
  • International Oils (6 varieties, 8.45 oz.): Save $1.00
  • Great Lakes Kettle Chips (5 varieties, 8 oz.): 2/$7.00 Save $1.00/2    


  • New Age “Perfect for Sangria” White or Rose Wine (Argentina, 750ml): $8.99 Save $3.00
  • Blake’s Orchard Fruit Wine (Michigan, 750ml): $12.99ea  or 3/$30.00
  • Mezzacorona Wine (Italy, 6 varietals, 750 ml): $8.99 Save $2.00
  • *NEW* Noble Vines Rose (California, 750ml): 2/$20.00 Save $12.00/2