Weekly Specials July 21st thru July 27th, 2014

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July 21st - July 27th, 2014


  • Green & Red Seedless Grapes:  $1.99lb    Save $1.00lb
  • Seedless Watermelon:  $3.99    Save $1.00
  • Michigan Green Cabbage:  $.39lb    Save $.10lb
  • Vidalia Onions:  $.79lb   Save $.70lb


  • Boar’s Head Maple Ham:  $7.49lb    Save $2.00lb
  • Boar’s Head Low Sodium Turkey:  $7.49lb   Save $2.50lb ~Made in Michigan~
  • Boar’s Head Ever Roast Chicken:  $7.69lb    Save $2.00lb
  • Boar’s Head London Broil Roast Beef:  $10.49lb    Save $2.50lb ~Made in Michigan~
  • Boar’s Head Colby & Colby Jack Cheese:  $5.99lb    Save $2.00lb
  • Sweet Pea Pasta Salad:  $5.99lb    Save $1.00lb
  • Country Style Sweet Italian Sausage with Onions & Peppers:  $5.49lb    Save $.50lb
  • Homestyle Coleslaw:  $2.99lb    Save $1.00lb

Large Variety of Specialty Desserts!!

 Meat Shoppe

  • U.S.D.A. Choice Ground Beef from Round (5lbs or more):  $4.29lb    Save $.30lb
  • U.S.D.A. Choice New York Strip Steak (sold as steak only):  $10.99lb    Save $1.00lb
  • Lean & Tender 3 pack Baby Back Ribs:  $3.99lb    Save $1.00lb
  • Lean & Tender Pork Tenderloin:  $4.99lb    Save $1.00lb
  • Gourmet Entree Ultimate Marinated Flank Steak:  $10.49lb    Save $.50lb
  • NEW!! Freshly Frozen Alligator Tail Meat:  $15.99lb    Save $1.00lb

Large Variety of Fresh Original Recipe Sausage & Marinated Chicken or Sirloin Kabobs!!


  • NEW!! Dry Soda 4 Ingredients, All Natural, Gluten Free (4 varieties, 12oz):  2/$3.00
  • NEW!! Messy Dave’s Sloppy Joe Mix (2 varieties, 4.3oz):  $5.49   Save $.50 ~Made in Michigan~
  • NEW!! Gelato Fiasco All Natural Gelato & Sorbetto (7 varieties, 1 pint):  $6.99   Save $.50
  • Safies  Beets, Pickles, Beans & More (all varieties, 32oz):  $6.99   Save $1.00 ~Made in Michigan~

Beer & Wine

  • Product of California Sequin Wine (3 varietals, 750ml):  $10.99    Save $4.00
  • Product of Australia Diamond Falls Moscato  (750ml):  $7.99    Save $2.00
  • Product of California Simply Naked “Unoaked” Wine (all varietals, 750ml):  $8.99    Save $1.00
  • NEW!! Gosling’s All Natural Ginger Beer (regular or diet, 6pk only):  $6.99+ Dep.
  • Seagram’s Escapes (6 flavors of malt liquor):  10/$10.00
  • Margarita With a Twist (Bud Light, 4 flavors):  10/$10.00


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